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Note from the Editor

Notatka od redakcji

English Translation:



Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Zaścianek Polish Manor House.   I’d like to refer to my notes as I try to convey this solemn editorial so that I do not miss anything.


The original version of the Polish National anthem states that "Poland has not died yet, when we live, what foreign power extorted from us, we will reclaim with the sword..."  


Doesn’t this earlier version of the lyric of the Polish National Anthem that I quoted represent a more dramatic and truthfully accurate depiction of what happened to us?  This is yet another example of how words have been mysteriously replaced.  It is time for we, the Polish people to start writing our own history and not allow the occupiers of war to spread their propaganda in place of our history.   We need to correct misinterpretations and misleading descriptions of our historical events.  For example, instead of describing the invasions of Poland as "partitions", be more factual with "treaties of the extermination of Poland" or "treaties of the holocaust of Poland" followed by a "triple occupation".  Our hard-working historians and history enthusiasts constantly enrich our knowledge about our past. As readers, we owe it to them and each other to be just as hard working by publicizing this information.


In particular, we should recognize our appreciation for all generations of historians and history enthusiasts who risked their lives during partisan conditions of their time in order to share their knowledge about our homeland.  This partisan teaching of Polish Culture and history has continued for over 300 years from the moment being Polish became illegal, and through the time when being Polish was a crime. 


The monthly "ZASCIANEK" magazine is an ANTHOLOGY of timeless and true quotes from manuscripts and other works lost during the eradication and extermination of Poland describing church and national holidays, the most important anniversaries, saints and heroes for a given month.   Ready and timeless materials for teaching Polish literature and history will make it easier for many future generations of parents and teachers of Polish Culture to do their job.   It is no wonder that many museums in the world exhibit goods stolen from Polish homes and Zaścianek Manor homes.  It is necessary for us to defend against public false flag propaganda by understanding and publishing the truth to share the facts of our cultural empire as the “Brightest” Republic or in Latin, -Respublica Serenissima, meaning “The Most Serene Republic” - the home of all Polish of all nationalities and religions. This was truly an insightful culture created by our ancestors.  Despite the 300 years of the planned extermination of anything resembling Polish, our culture still endures and produces wonderful fruits and ennobles other nations too!   Just as we have recovered the memory of the “Forsaken Soldiers” through the joint efforts of Polish people, it is time we also reverse the slandering of "Zaścianek" - the nest for Polish knights, culture, and patriotism.


"Zaścianek" is a place just behind the city defensive wall inhabited by knights and their adjutants - the first defenders of the castle - front guard (Avant guard). Our newspaper Zaścianek is rich in content but modest in form to optimize distribution in order to reach the largest group of compatriots.   We invite you to participate in the recovery of our Polish identity.


Please send all kinds of utterances, family reminiscences and especially stories (never told or published before) that have been left unsaid by other sources.


Thank you all for your support and we thank for your interest in our culture.


God bless You

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